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Brutalist Framework is being reprogrammed multidimensionally for optimized brutalization of the digital universe.

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Core Components

3.0 Coming Soon

VERSION 3 Roadmap:

Here's what's planned for the next release.

Overall Progress

General Improvements

  • Grid removed from CORE (Blueprint Grid is a separate project)
  • Integration of CSS variables (for improved customization control of Core elements)
  • Complete rework of various core elements
  • Segregation and deprecation of various javascript components
  • New Shapes (content can be wrapped around shaped elements)
  • Introduction of "MOLDS"

New PHP Core

3.0 will also introduce some basic PHP components. The core will be comprised of 4 scripts: KAT, BEKAH, BRAD, and CORE.

  • KAT (Key Array Templater)
  • BEKAH (Base Environment Key Application Helper)
  • BRAD (Build Readable Application Data)
  • CORE (Construct Object Rendering Engine)


MOLDS (Makeable Object, Layout & Design Source) will be pre-made creative content containers based on PHP, pre-defined CSS classes, and javascript. There will be four components of MOLDS:

  • Panels:
    Pre-made pages for special purposes.
  • Boards:
    Grouped content, useful for displaying media and blog posts.
  • Tiles:
    Tiny templates for singular content types (i.e. testimonials, task lists, etc.)


Version 3.0 will be taking a deconstructive approach by breaking down and re-structuring many of the current components (plus adding new ones). The idea will be to take a use-only-what-you-need approach, so as to prevent or reduce the risk of conflicting components. Currently, errors are thrown if certain javascript elements are not present on a page. The deconstructionist approach of version 3 will break things down, so as to improve page performance and code efficiency.

NOTE: Brutal CMS development is put on hold, for now.

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