Brutal Extensions

Add extra functionality

Getting Started

Plugins are optional additional features that could be used to create additional functionality. Jquery is needed for these to function.

Most plugins only need two components to be loaded: view.css and view.js, and these are found within their plugin name folders. So, load them like so:



The menu used across this site is a megamenu plugin. It supports multiple child pages, and is compatible with Wordpress menus.

Simply take a look at the source code on this page, because we're too lazy to write it out here.

Load these:



The printer plugin makes a specific element easily printable, with a custom header and footer.

Simply include:



.printer - wrap content to be printed within this class

.headprint - (optional) content to displayed as header

.footprint - (optional) content to displayed as footer

button onclick="printer();" - button to launch printer interface.

PUC (Print Utility Classes)
.print-only - content is only displayed when being printed, but is hidden on screens

.screen-only - content is hidden from being printed, and is only visible on screens

.print-monochrome - applied only to print view, all text is black, and images are rendered in grayscale

Example: Hit the "Print Now" button to print this section.

Text To Print

Aliquam faucibus luctus quam a placerat. Donec sit amet cursus ante. Nunc volutpat hendrerit orci non viverra. Nam iaculis vitae risus vel interdum. Phasellus tempus odio ac lectus efficitur, in porta ante vulputate. Suspendisse lobortis sem ligula, non pulvinar lectus dictum ut. Ut eu mi vitae felis semper placerat. Proin eget ante facilisis, faucibus ipsum mattis, volutpat libero. Curabitur tincidunt ex sit amet tellus tincidunt interdum a eget ipsum.

This text will NOT be printed.

Sed volutpat volutpat ligula at placerat. Integer ut hendrerit arcu. Praesent id massa et turpis laoreet dictum a laoreet justo. Donec semper magna nec sapien lobortis, tincidunt auctor nunc efficitur. Nullam in massa dictum, hendrerit sem et, lacinia odio.


Warp your text into curves, spirals, circles, and waves! Works best on paragraphs. All are fully responsive.

Simply load this javascript:


Apply these classes for these effects.


Arc Text allows you to create a responsive arch of text!


Bezier Text allows you to create curvy responsive text!


Circle Text allows you to create a responsive circle of text!


Wave Text allows you to create a responsive wave of text!


Spiral Text allows you to become sucked into another dimension! It is fully responsive, too!