Brutalist Framework


Color Classes Library

Add a little flavor with these useful pre-defined color classes.

Core Colors

Use these classes to apply a color background.

.white / .vanilla / .cream



.grey / .gray



.red / .tomato




.blood / .maroon / .pomegranate













.purple / .plum



.light-blue / .water





.light-brown / .cappuccino











.yellow / .lemon




.honey / .amber

Simply apply -text after a core color class to change the text color.


.lime-text .banana-text .blue-text .bubble-gum-text

Color Combos: Mixed Flavors

Mixed flavors are pre-defined color combinations. The first flavor is the background color, the 2nd is the text color. Use these classes to apply a color combo to any element.

















To override a combo text color, apply a text color class directly to the element.

<p class="orange-cream">Orange
  <span class="blueberry-text">Blueberry</span>

Outputs this:

Orange Blueberry


Use these classes to apply a pre-defined gradient background to any element.












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