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Flexbox grid & B3Grid (Brutal Blocks 'n Bricks)

Introducing Blueprint Grid

Blueprint Grid

Blueprint Grid is a multimethod grid library built with flexbox and CSS grid. It is the groundwork for creating layouts in all future versions of Brutalist Framework, versions 3 and up. It is pure CSS, so there are no javascript dependencies.

NOTE: The old grids are still supported!

There are four methods for creating layouts with Blueprint Grid:

  1. B3Grid (flexbox-based)
  2. CSS Grid
  3. Print Grid
  4. PolyGrids

Get Started

Blueprint Grid is included with Brutalist Framework, version 2.3.1 and up. It is included as part of the development core. However, it is NOT included as part of the minified package (brutalist.min.css).

If using the core development files, you'll only need to load the core CSS file:


In addition to loading brutalist.min.css, you'll also need:



Learn more about Blueprint Grid at Below are some shortcuts to more detailed documentation:

version 2.4