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Brutalist Framework
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A framework for the brutalist web design trend

New Brutality is Coming Soon.

Brutal CMS

Brutal CMS

An open source lightweight flat-file content management system for the brutalist web design trend.

  • Written in raw, plain PHP
  • No dependencies
  • Modular framework
  • Ideal for beginner & novice developers

Reference Guides

Brutalist Resources

Likely to be in the form of e-books (available for free), resource topics may cover:

  • Brutal CMS "How-to" Guides
  • Web design trends
  • Web developer tools
  • Others TBD

Brutal Board

Brutalist Board Community

A community forum for brutalist web designers and developers.

  • Brutal CMS support
  • Brutalist design trends
  • General conversations about brutalism

Browse Board

BF is Evolving Into Something More

Since it's inception in 2017, Brutalist Framework has been nothing more than just a static HTML5 template. After years of brutally painful planning and development, it is now time to evolve BF to the next level of functionality, creativity, and brutality.

Brutal CMS GEMINI will be released in 3 stages. Check back often for updates.

Brutal CMS Progress Status

  • STAGE 1: Groundwork Release
    + file management (FAM module): READY
    + system config (SAD module): READY
    + user management (PAD module): ~50% ready
    + BAT / BLUEPRINT module: READY   DEMO»
    + CAT / PAWS module: started
    + CAT / DICK module: READY   DEMO» [buggy]
    + CAT / CAD module: ready   DEMO»
    + DAT / CRUDE module: started
    + FAT / PAGES module: started
    + GROUNDWORK RELEASE (upload to Github): not started
  • STAGE 2: Developer Release
    + documentation: started (ongoing)
    + CAT / JACK module: not started
    + HAT / HAPI module: not started
    + FAT / EDU module: not started
    + MAT / MAD module: not started
    + MAT / SHOP module: not started
    + MAT / SLIDES module: not started
    + BETA release: not started
    + BETA testing: not started
    + Bug fixes & enhancements: not started
  • STAGE 3: Official Release
    + Front-end templates: not started
    + Brutal CMS Website: not started
    + BF Website Re-design: ~20% ready
    + Reference Guides: 1 item(s) ready

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